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School Advisory Council

McFatter Technical College has an active and supportive School Advisory Council (SAC).  The SAC helps to identify school needs, prepare and oversee the annual School Improvement Plan, organize an annual needs assessment, provide public information regarding accountability and serve as a resource to the school and Principal/Director.

The School Advisory Council shall be a link between the school and the local community.  A balanced membership comprised of various stakeholders, students, business representatives, municipal/community leaders, concerned citizens, parents and school based faculty and staff assist the school in fulfilling its mission.  School Advisory Council functions shall include:

  1. Facilitating the development of the School Improvement Plan (SIP)
  2. Monitoring the implementation of the SIP
  3. Evaluating the effectiveness of the SIP
  4. Providing assistance in the preparation of the school’s annual budget
  5. Making recommendations as to the alignment of instructional staffing and instructional materials to support the SIP

The responsibilities and duties of the School Advisory Council will be in accordance with Florida State Statutes 1001.452 and Broward County School Board Policy 1403.