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Career Dual Enrollment

Next Period starts August 2023 (Click Here for more information)

*** New Career Dual Enrollment program Applied Information Technology starts January 2023

Earn your high school diploma, complete a technical program, obtain an industry credential or license, and earn college credit all while in high school! As a Career Dual Enrolled (CDE) student, you will share your day between McFatter Technical College and your home high school. This means you will be able to complete a State of Florida approved technical program while you are completing high school graduation requirements at your home high school.

Career Dual Enrollment (CDE) opportunities are open to all Broward County full time high school students, age 16 years or older and having earned at least 11 credits. Transportation may be available to and from your home high school to McFatter Technical College. Prospective students should see their home high school counselor to discuss Career Dual Enrollment (CDE) options.

If McFatter Technical College’s Career Dual Enrollment program is right for you, please review the admission brochure and submit a CDE Application to your home high school counselor.

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Admissions Requirements:

Applicants must meet the follow:

  • 16 years or older
  • Junior or Senior
  • Minimum of 11 Credits
  • Minimum of 2.0 GPA·

Application Process:

Complete the online application and submit it to the applicants certified home high school counselor. All applications must be typed, printed, and signed by a certified high school counselor for further processing. Handwritten applications will not be processed.  The applicants certified home high school counselor will forward the completed application to the Career Dual Enrollment counselor at McFatter Technical College. Upon receipt of the completed application, McFatter Technical College’s Career Dual Enrollment counselor will send the applicant written communication of receipt of the completed application and details on the next steps, which includes scheduling the Basic Skills Test.

Basic Skills Test:

Applicants will be required to complete the Basic Skills Test, which assess the applicants skills in math and reasoning through language arts. Scores are used as a tool to determine academic readiness for the State approved technical programs. Applicants will need a valid photo identification for testing.


Broward County Public Schools provides transportation to and from McFatter Technical College from the following schools only: Nova High School, South Plantation High School, Western High School, and Whiddon Rogers Education Center. Applicants from other schools will be responsible for providing their own transportation.

Contact Information

For additional information on the Career Dual Enrollment program at McFatter Technical College, please contact Rachel Victor at 754.321.5753 or [email protected].

Delivery Formats

Traditional – 100% classroom-based

Hybrid – Less than 50% of required instructional hours available via distance learning.

Distance – 50% or more of instructional hours available via distance learning