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Career Placement Transition Program

Career Placement Services is a transition service for 18-21 year old students with mild to moderate disabilities and who have their special diploma.  Career Placement Services enables students to identify career options, access community resources, apply work-related behaviors, and meet industry standards for entry level employment.  Career Placement Services will provide opportunities for students to be hired for entry level jobs aimed at further progress toward their desired post-school outcomes related to a career.

Program Focus
Each student participates in a functional curriculum that emphasizes:

  • Personal and career goals
  • Self-evaluation
  • Self-determination
  • Travel training
  • Career counseling and guidance
  • Competitive employment
  • Independent living skills

Our Mission
To assist recent high school graduates who have expressed an interest in competitive entry-level employment to reach their goal of obtaining and maintaining a meaningful job.  We foster a strong work ethic in our young people entering the workforce and cultivate the skills necessary for living as self-sufficiently as possible.

Students must meet the following:

  • Graduated with a Special Diploma
  • Live in Broward County
  • 18-21 years of age
  • Expressed interest in paid employment
  • Demonstrates employability skills
  • Ability and desire to independently navigate the community