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Culinary Creations:  Garde Manger, Cold Kitchen






This program is an introduction to the fine art of “Garde Manger”.  Travel through the world of garnishing, fruit and vegetable carving, buffet, platters, setups, salads, sandwiches and the land of “charcuterie”, which includes sausage making, pates and terrines and so much more.  Join us on this delicious journey.

The Students will be able to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Demonstrate fruit and vegetable preparation skills
  • Prepare fruit salads and vegetable salads
  • Create fruit and vegetable garnishes and carvings
  • Prepare salad dressings, cold sauces, and derivatives
  • Demonstrate buffet food and platter preparation skills
  • Prepare a variety of sandwich fillings
  • Prepare hot and cold sandwiches
  • Prepare sliced meats for a cold buffet and part platters
  • Prepare starchy salads, pate, and terrines
  • Prepare seafood cocktails and salads
  • Prepare sausages, cheese boards, canapés, and cold and hot hors d’oeuvres.

Chef Robert Burrows

Total Course Length: 27 hours

Course Schedule:
Students enrolled in distant and/or hybrid courses should have daily access to a computer with internet and must have a valid e-mail address that they check daily.  Additionally, student should have all necessary hardware and software components required by their technology program or adult education course.

Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Council on Occupational Education

Contact Information:
Franzie Williams, Counselor for Garde Manger “The Cold Kitchen”
(754) 321-5732 or (754) 321-5700